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Can you make a living from writing?

 *** I read an interesting Instagram post from Tom Cox (@cox_tom) a few days ago. He has written five books in the last five years and eight books before that - but when he looks at his royalty statement and considers the cost of housing and fuel, he says he feels like, 'it's not enough, I'm not enough.' He is working hard on these books and feels proud of what he has achieved and yet he wonders could he try harder? He worries that all his writing doesn't lead him to any kind of financial security, which, however much he isn’t financially motivated, is still a weight on his mind and affects his creativity. On a positive note, he finishes his post by saying, he feels lucky that he gets to write and he gets immense support from friends, family and social media, which helps.  But it does leave that question hanging in the air - how do people afford to become writers? I am at the point where I need to get a 'proper job'. I can't afford to stay home w

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