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More grumpiness from a very grumpy person

I am writing this after having a rant in one of my WhatsApp groups and realising they probably don't need to hear me going on about things that are annoying me, they probably have their own stuff going on. So, I thought I would write it here then it is a choice whether you read it or not.  As you may be aware, me being grumpy is not unusual, I have blogged about it previously here , here , here and here . There are more posts than this, but I don't want to overwhelm you with how incredibly grumpy I am. I only have three things today that are pissing me right off, but they are biggies!   1.Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party in general - Okay, this is a big one. Boris Johnson is a liar. Fact. Here are some (but not all the things he has lied about).  He lied (repeatedly - and put the figure on a bus) about how much we paid to the European Union to get people to vote for Brexit. He lied (repeatedly) about the parties in Downing Street. He lied about the financing of th

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