Bucket List

I have been meaning to put together a bucket list for ages - so here it is. It may be updated occasionally as I think of new things all the time, so the current list is definitely not exhaustive.

  1. See my children settled, healthy and happy as adults
  2. Write an open letter to my 16 year old self
  3. Visit Italy again and have a proper mooch about
  4. See the Aurora Borealis 
  5. Go on the Orient Express
  6. Visit America for a proper mooch about 
  7. Have a suit made for me on Saville Row
  8. Own a pair of Manalo Blaniks
  9. Have a home by the sea somewhere in the world
  10. Beat my leukemia
  11. Tap dance lessons
  12. Write a novel/play 
  13. Get the novel/play published
  14. Have my photo's displayed in a gallery
  15. Create something magnificent that I can be proud of

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