About Me

1 husband, 2 children, 2 cats,  1 online shop, 1 camera, 1 laptop, 1 blog ...

My name is Jane, but if you type in MuddyNoSugar in Google you'll find me.

I have two beautiful daughters (who are 13 and 10 )and a gorgeous husband (who is 46). I am 48 - seeing as how we are 'fessing up to ages!

I have been blogging since 2009, I blog about all sorts of things, whatever is in my head. Sometimes I am a mummy blogger, other times just me.

Oh, and in September 2010 I got diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) which means I sometimes blog about that too. (Although I am on a fabulous clinical trial drug, that keeps me quite well).

I have been writing poetry for years, so I have shared some here too.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit, you are always welcome to look around.

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