Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Gallery - Being a Parent

This summer, my husband and I couldn't take the same week off work. We have been having lots of work done on the house and so we didn't have a 'proper' holiday this year.

I decided I would take the girls without hubs away for a couple of days so that they could put their feet in the sea, and do a bit of rock pooling.

We went to Kings Lynn and had a lovely time, the sun shone but it was chilly as the summer was coming to an end.

I work full time and see weekends and holidays as a time to spend with my kids. The time we have with them is short.

This was a special time, just us girls. For me this is what being a parent is all about.

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Sunday, 16 November 2014


My baby is twelve on Tuesday.


She is a little woman, and when I say little I mean she is as tall as me and wears the same shoe size.

She has gone from this -
To this -

She doesn't want hugs or kisses, but she still likes her cuddly toys, she is interested in make up and wants to shop at Lush with her pocket money.

For her birthday she is going to the cinema with some friends and she DEFINITELY doesn't want Mum and Dad in the cinema as well.

She is independent, funny, smiley, sulky at times and curious about everything.

My girl is twelve and it feels like I have blinked, she was a baby and now she is this woman child.

In 6 years she will be 18.

It is terrifying but I am so proud of her, she is bright and creative and knows her own mind. I think hubs and I must have done something right.

Happy Birthday baby girl xxxx

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Gallery - Spectacular

Happy Bonfire Night. 

The Gallery this week is celebrating all things spectacular and you can't beat a great fireworks display.

This is from one we went to see back in 2010.

I love the aurora around it.

And it doesn't matter how big or small a firework is my kids love them - especially sparklers.

For more spectacular photos pop over to The Gallery and check it out.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World

In April I blogged about the lovely day out we had at Hatton here.

So I was thrilled to be asked to go again to see Pumpkin Week at Hatton. My kids are big fans of Halloween so we were all pretty excited.

The girls got all Halloweeny for their visit and looked fab.

We decided to wait to go to on 31 October so it was super Halloweeny. We were looking forward to the free pumpkin for every child and the pumpkin carving competition, having recently practiced at home.

When we arrived we were told they had run out of pumpkins, the girls were very disappointed and although they gave us a voucher for a hot chocolate instead, it didn't really replace the fun activity they were looking forward to. 

If it were me I would have got the kids doing an apple bobbing competition or something similar so there was another option for them.

None the less we went for it and the children still had fun - they still enjoyed Guinea pig village.

And the reptile area, particularly these two warring tortoises.

 Of course in April there were all the baby animals which my girls really liked.

The girls panned for gold and got a medal for getting so much gold. 

And played on all the other activities.

Hatton is still a fun day out for all the family, but I am surprised that they miscalculated the number of pumpkins they would need for pumpkin week, as I am sure my children weren't the only ones looking forward to this. Hopefully they will take this feedback on for next year and it will be pumpkintastic!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

GWR 60th Anniversary in Pictures, GIFs and Video's

In 2011 I blogged about our visit to the Guiness Book of Records HQ  I went again in 2013 but didn't get time to blog about it, this year they really out did themselves.

So, in 1955 the first Guiness Book of Records was published, this came from an idea formulated in a pub by Sir Hugh Beaver the then managing director of Guiness Breweries. An argument ensued about which was the fastest flying game bird (It's the Plover), and the idea was born.

This year overseeing and directing us was The Professor of Records who kept everything moving whilst being highly entertaining.

We had an introductory talk from Craig Glenday about the differences between the records from 1955 to 2015 (for example, back then the most expensive bottle of wine cost £8). Followed by being divided into 3 teams.

All the different Rubiks cubes, some of the lovely GWR60 people and Craig Glenday showing us some of the previous covers.
We met some record breakers, the man with the loudest burp (which was really really loud), the man who created the software for the fastest machine to solve a Rubiks Cube and Joe who had numerous records involving bunny hopping his bike.

Wow that is close to the professors face!
Each team was asked to take part in record breaking attempts, or asked for our opinions on the next cover of the book, the website or Facebook page.

The Mummy Bloggers may have taken the record breaking attempts quite seriously - what a competitive lot!
 The kids really enjoyed the moving jelly challenge - here is Lola giving it her best.

The kids really enjoyed being asked their opinions and trying to break records. This year was really well organised and put together. Of course they got their party bags at the end which really was an impressive haul for any self respecting 8 - 12 year old (The age group I was with).

Then when we left the record breaking didn't stop there - we saw the smallest caravan and the fastest shopping trolley (it goes over 70 miles per hour) . The creator of the shopping trolley even showed us how it went with the rocket engine at the back. (Apologies for the wobbly video work) All the kids were given ear protectors as the noise was so loud.

What a grand day out, and a totally unique experience for the kids. Thank you GWR. :)

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