Sunday, 26 February 2012

Silentish Sunday

Went to a friends last night, discovered she had the smallest grater in the world. The wine is there for perspective. 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Embarrassing Outfits

For the Gallery this week the creative Ms Cain gave us the somewhat scary title of Embarrassing Outfits. I have had a look through the plethora of photo's (I am currently entrenched in Project Scan) so I have seen some pretty gruesome sights.

The combo of outfits + hairstyles, I think, are what makes a truly embarrassing outfit.

I am on the right.

Haircut: Thanks to a friend (not the one in the picture) whose only hairdressing qualification was sweeping up hair in the local hairdressers.
Outfit: This was at a time in my life when no one had told me, I really didn't have the legs for shorts.
Excuse: It was 1984?

I am on the right.

Haircut: And styling, my Mum...thanks Mum.
Outfit: Various hand me downs, knitted by various Aunty's. This is a standard outfit, it was imperative I wore several layers of wool, making me appear..em most photos of me as a child.
Excuse: I actually have two for this one; 1. I didn't dress myself  2. My Mum is many great things, fashion forward, sadly, is not one of them.

Haircut: Long, usually with a badly cut fringe and cow licks making fringe jump up. Here, worn with a black hair band that matches practically nothing else in the outfit,
Outfit: I am going to leave the baggy jumper, as I am still a fan of baggy woolen cardies and jumpers (see above for underlying reasons for this). The leggings though, I have no excuse, I am ashamed...and at the time I loved them so.
Excuse: I was going on holiday, dressing for comfort, what you wear on holiday doesn't count...

Now go and check out some more crushingly embarrassing outfits over at Sticky Fingers (link at the top of this post)


Saturday, 11 February 2012

I've Lost My Muse

I haven't blogged for a while, I haven't done much photography, I haven't made anything, created anything in fact, I have been a bit uninspired.

There could be a number of reasons for this; Work is ridiculously busy so I am pretty exhausted when I get home. Money is tight so we go less places and do less at the moment (stupid recession!).

To be honest, keeping the house clean, going to work, making sure the kids get to school and attend everything they need to is pushing me to my limits right now. Hubs is fab and doing is share, it's just I haven't got anything left.

I have been doing Operation Scan, trying to get all my old photo's on to the computer. Quite a long and laborious task, although there have been some great finds. This, for example, my interpretation of Valentine (appropriate) for a fancy dress party I had.

Or this picture of my my Dad at school with his boxing team (approx 1943ish).

So, blogesphere, I need to get my groove back. I suppose, writing this is a step in the right direction. I just need to do it more. Any suggestions folks?

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