Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bikey or Pikey?

OK, firstly I would like to apologise for the non-PC-ness of the title of this blog, you can blame the husbands friends for this and for the texts relating to the picture below (not of Stewart Granger).
My husband has always had a goatee of some description in the 17 years I have known him.
Lately his goatee has taken on a badgerish quality having two white sides where his beard hair has gone grey. I quite like that it gives him a Stewart Granger  type feel - ...""£$%^& Sorry just taking a moment to focus.(ahem!)

He is now growing the goatee and has decided to put little ponytails in it. Sorry not ponytails, little girls have ponytails, men have manly beard tails(?). Tied up with bands made from camo-galvinised rubber - please see previous post re: Manly beauty products! 
And I absolutely did not buy the bands from Claire's Accessories (I did), as that is where the little girls with pony tails go to shop.
Anyway what do you think..Bikey or Pikey?

This picture can also be found on my daily photo blog 

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