Monday, 20 July 2009

My Best Friends Wedding

My best friend recently married my brother.

The initial reaction that I normally get to this is; aaah.
Or how sweet, lovely etc

Then I explain how they met.

I grew up in a very small village in sunny Shropshire.

I went to sixth form in the slightly bigger, but still ridiculously quaint medieval town of Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury; Home of the pie pie (reference Lee and Herring - Fist of Fun), and more well know biscuit.

There wasn't a lot to do in Shrewsbury as a teenager in the 1980's.

So the plan was:
go to sixth form
get some A levels and
get to college in that London

thus escaping:
the boredom
middle classes and
my Mum and Dad (no offence M & D..I was a teenager!)

So, not a lot of choice on the boyfriend front either. The really good looking ones weren't interested and the nerds and geeks, and there were many, I really did not want to get to know.

Unfortunately one of the nerdish geeks took an unhealthy interest in me. Would I call it stalking...not in the '80's.

Long and short, he won me over (I was v.bored) and ended up being my first love. There followed a torturous/passionate 18 months resulting in 2 E's at A level and my love affair all over. With all to show for it, a new bestfriend, my ex's sister, whose had a 20 year crush on my brother.

So I went out with her brother and now she is married to mine...

Now close your eyes....

Imagine the sound of duelling banjo's
squeal little piggy.

hmmm... I may have some unresolved issues

PS - I still blagged it into college in London!

Blame Tara meme

Here you go Tara..I have finally created a blog, just to answer your questions!!!!

Here are your questions:
1. Who is the hottest movie star? Stewart Grainger (Dead) James McAvoy (alive)
2. Apart from your house and your car, what's the most expensive item you've ever bought? Our holiday to Disneyland
3. What's your most treasured memory? Giving birth to Lola...because it was such a long journey to get her.
4. What was the best gift you ever received as a child? A watch off Paul (my husband), the first time a boyfriend brought me something that showed they actually knew me.
5. What's the biggest mistake you've made? Martin
6. 4 words to describe yourself. Smiley, talkative, Mum, Manager
7. What was your highlight or lowlight of 2008? Getting a job after 18months off, that paid more and was a higher grade than I did before having babies...get in!!
8. Favourite film? Practical Magic
9. Tell me one thing I don't know about you. My middle name is Margaret?
10. If you were a comic book/strip or cartoon character, who would you be? Betty Boo (on a comic day) Aeon Flux (when I transform into my supernerd persona....In both cases, I would kill for their figures!)

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