Sunday, 29 November 2009

Queen of the Goo

I have found my gaming level, I am queen of the Goo. On the Wii we have a demo called World of  Goo. I am the champion in our house (currently) being the only one to complete all the demo levels.

We now must purchase the whole game so that I can become hideously competitive with my children and not care when I beat them, and completely not notice that this actually breaks their hearts....No really... this is why I tend not to play on computers, Playstations, Xboxes etc..I have history...

Before gaming was affordable for all, I was Queen of the pool table, take no prisoners, toy with boys when they didn't know me - I made quite a bit of beer money this way.

Then I got a playstation. I liked the fighting games (the signs were there). I liked the release of expletives. I liked the cut and thrust of the kill.

So should we buy World of Goo (which reminds me of worms, similar sound effects..thats for you gamers out there)? Probably not. Not if I want my children to grow up without emotional scars.

Just from today, they have picked up my motto (said through gritted teeth and a bit of a grimace and in times gone by with a fat cigar at the side of my mouth) 'Never give up' and are chanting it with me, Rambo styley, next thing you know I will have them wearing camo gear and taking me on at Tekken...I am just concerned what new words they may learn.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Things I have said to my daughters today

I have blatently stolen this idea from Tara at Stickyfingers who was inspired by Millennium housewife
Here are the many and varied things that I have said to my beautiful, well behaved charming girls today.

  • Lola, please stop wearing my boots you'll fall ov...Oh  dear.
  • Heather, use a tissue, don't do what you've just done..that's disgusting.
  • Stop making yourself straight (whilst trying to lift Lola out of a shopping trolley)
  • Lola NO. You are covered in flour...
  • I am glad you like girls best...(then as an after thought)..but if you liked boys best that would be OK too.
  • Heather, please...just look where you're going, No, fine, just walk behind me then!
  • Lola stop being Mummy
  • Yes Boba Fett is Daddy's favourite....(from the Kitchen, No actually it's Hans Solo)
  • (to both) Please put some clothes on...(anyone who knows my children will realise this is not unusual)
  • Lola please stop using Mummy as a tissue.
  • Heather stop touching everything
  • Heather stop picking up everything
  • Heather stop running up and down the travelator
  • Heather that's dangerous
  • Heather yes, we will do biscuits, but only when Mummy has had coffee...
  • Yes we can watch Alvin and the Chipmunks but Mummy needs to make a coffee first
  • Heather don't do the farting noise with your is not funny in any universe.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Trying to do something with my Monday

OK I have compressed my hours at work so I have Monday off. This was so that I can take my eldest daughter to school one day a week, save a bit of money on the childminder and have some 'me' time.

Tomorrow is my third Monday.

So far my Monday's have gone like this:

Monday Number One - Had a really horrible cold and if I wasn't off anyway, would have been off sick. Harumph.

Monday Number Two - Really horrible cold was still with me so much of the day was spent on the sofa - although I did update my Christmas spreadsheet, which cheered me up a bit. (OK, OK I know that sounds exceptionally nerdy...nope, searching for excuses on this one, I have none. Hi, my name is Jane and I am a nerd).

Monday Number Three - Right this is tomorrow...Here are my ongoing plans for the 6 hours I have to myself:

  1. Write my masterpiece (I anticipate this will take a few Monday's. I am realistic I can't complete this on the one day)
  2. Wrap aforementioned Christmas Presents (preferably whilst listening to the Ratpack singing Christmas tunes with cinnamon scented candles smelling lovely and maybe a smidge of mulled wine)
  3. Remove and dismantel the cupboard in the bathroom whose base is rotting from too much bath water spilling and soaking into it.
  4. Remove broken sofa, mattress and travel cot from spare bedroom.
  5. Move daughters bookcase as have realised that there is a better place for it which would give them more room in their bedroom.
  6. Put up picture that has been down since the loft was done. (In April)
  7. Go to the tip.
  8. Declutter the whole house so that my house looks neat for an hour or two
  9. Add as much of the 'clutter' items to eBay so that I make a bit of cash from all my hard work.
  10. Actually use the Wii Fit that I brought for me and is actually only used by my husband and kids.
  11. Feel incredibly productive...and a bit smug.
Here is what is actually going to happen:
  1. Take eldest daughter to school
  2. Get home, make a lovely filter coffee
  3. Catch up on all things Sky+ that husband doesn't like - House & Fringe.
  4. More Coffee
  5. Puruse Sky Anytime to see what films are on - watch films
  6. Get Coffee
  7. Take long bath. Read book in bath, maybe have little nap
  8. Tidy up a bit, put some laundry away. More Coffee.
  9. Fetch daughter from school
  10. Complain to husband about how little time I have and yawn for effect.
  11. Feel a little bit useless and very lazy and unsmug.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Ten things you didn't know about me..

The lovely Rebel Mother has awarded me the Honest Scrap award

Thanks - I think?

Here are The Rules:

1. ‘The Honest Scrap Blogger Award’ must be shared.

Here you go folks, I happily share this with:

Muddling along Mummy
Is there a Plan B
Bad Housewife
Sticky Fingers

2. The recipient has to tell 10 (true) things about themselves that no one else knows.

OK Here goes. Deep breath.

  1. If you were a Yuppie between 1989 and 1991 and went to the Brahms and Liszt in Covent Garden. It was me that stole your bottle of wine. Sorry.
  2. I can play the trumpet, although I haven't done it for a while.
  3. It was me that knocked down the lamp post in Copthorne in Shrewsbury (this was about 1986)
  4. My first car was an maroon Allegro with a sun roof.
  5. Sorry to the garage attendent at Monkmoor in Shrewsbury  from about 1996 -1999, I realise that my visits may have appeared strange and happened at odd times in the night and I may not have been completely sober, but some times you just need a fag.
  6. I secretly loved the attention I got for some of the outfits I wore clubbing.
  7. I hate that aging bothers me so much.
  8. The one time I scived off school I got glandular fever and didn't go back for 6 months.
  9. I chucked a fella, I had met one night, out of my flat because he smelt funny.
  10. I have no regrets.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Why I don't like Disneyland

Am I weird? OK all those who know me don't answer that.

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't like the corporate giant that is Disney?

I have just got back from Euro Disney; I went with a grumble in my heart, comfortable shoes and tales of very expensive food. They were not kidding about the food. A meal for 2 adults and 2 children cost a hundred pounds a pop! This is extortion. They have you captured in this strange little world and there is no way out. Talk about feeling trapped!

I tried to have an open mind but queuing for everything really annoys me at the best of times, but when I have paid a fortune for the privilege of being there.... and then there is the piped music, ugh, ugh, ugh...I mean, really? I wouldn't mind if was varied but no, the same songs over and over again.

Then there are the shops. So many shops. You have to walk about half a mile through shops before you even see a ride, and then my 3 and 6 year old really only had a choice of about 8 rides that they could go on.

In true grumpy old woman style; I was disgusted and appalled.

Everybody said to me but, ah..the children you will see their little faces light up etc etc... I have seen my 6 year olds face light up more when she has discovered a snail in the garden. In fact when I asked her what she thought at the end of the holiday, her response was 'it was alright'. I tried to get her to elaborate, and she did like the Peter Pan Ride 'because you could see lots of shadows in the town'.

We were there for Halloween and were really looking forward to the parade, but even that caught my daughter off guard and scared her (I think it was the dancing Nightmare before Christmas fella), so she wouldn't watch that anymore.

I have just asked her again, if she thought it was magical there, and she said 'Yes, because I saw fairy dust on the floor and Tinkerbell'. The trouble is I know that’s down to her own imagination and has absolutely nothing to do with Disney.

Then there was the Hotel. We stayed in the Disney Hotel, it smelt odd...artificial, like air freshener or shake 'n vac. The TV in the room had no volume control, so we couldn't watch it quietly when the kids went to sleep, and there were no coffee and tea making things in the room. I paid a FORTUNE to stay in this hotel and no coffee in my room! The good things about the hotel where; the staff, they were lovely and really helpful, the breakfast was great, and the magic hour, where we got to go into the park an hour before everybody else.

Why did I go in the first place, it's a long story but I made my eldest daughter a promise. Do I regret going? No, I think I had to experience it for myself, and I really enjoyed all the time with my family, but in terms of value for money against magical memorable moments like they promise in the adverts ... hmmm not really.

Finally, and what highlighted the scary commercialism of it all, we left on the 1st November and saw Disneyland changed from Halloween to Christmas, overnight.

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