Sunday, 30 August 2009

What are your five top wedding tunes?

Why oh why oh why do wedding discos play only pants music.

My gorgeous bridesmaids daughters may have liked it - but they are 6 and 2 - their idea of a good tune is the theme to Peppa Pig or Hannah Montana (bless 'em)

So you run a Disco, that plays at weddings, does this mean that suddenly you can only play soft rock and big Celine Dion Ballady things. NO.

Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of retro, play Martha and the Vandellas or some Jam and you will see me going Motown with the best of 'em...but any hen or stag nights we are suddenly stuck with:

Oops upside my head
Rod Stewart
Black velvet (I have done some research and apparently this was sung by Alannah Myles)
And if we are really lucky a bit of Chas and Dave.

I was fortunate enough to have a room directly above the disco so when my daughters had to go to bed, off I went with them. They slept beautifully, I was left to listen to the fun downstairs.

In fairness, later on they did play poker face (Lady Gaga) and In for the kill (La Roux) which I enjoyed through the axminster.. but that was it really for the post 1980's music.

So my question is - If you ran the disco that did weddings - and you had to play songs over 20 years old what would you play?

Here are my five:

Volare - Dean Martin
Mad about the Boy - Dinah Washington
Feeling Good - Nina Simone
Rainy Day - Brownie Mc Ghee (because I like a bit or irony, me..If you don't know this one - try it)
Don't it make my Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle (this one is personal)

However, my five for the young popsters out there would be:

Love Lockdown - Kanye West (close your eyes and turn it up - LOUD)
Filthy Gorgeous - Scissor sisters
Brain Stew (Godzilla Mix) - Green day
Rockerfella Skank - Fatboy Slim
And now I am torn between; I like the way you move (Bodyrockers) or, The Creeps - (Camille Jones vs Fedde Le Grande) or, Song to the siren - (Chemical Brothers)...there are more, oh so many...

Anyway ...what would your top five be - Old and New (please no Rod Stewart). And is this just me?

Saturday, 22 August 2009

My 1st X-Ray

The Injured party - above - fully aware she was having her picture taken.

Today, after realising that my daughter may not be making a big deal of her arm injury, just to get attention. I gave in.

So on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, I spent two and a half hours in A & E. Not just with daughter No.1. but with daughter No.2 as well.
So how do nearly 7 and nearly 3 entertaining themselves in A & E

I think the highlight for No.2 daughter's (just for the record, No.2 only in order of when she joined us, not in order of importance - as we love them both equally - obviously) visit to A& E was crawling across three cast iron chairs, jumping off the end and shouting Taa Daa!!


Apparently Taa Daa is impossible to whisper.

She told me.

(and I truly did try...there were really sick people there).

Highlight for No.1 daughter; the X-Ray...literally afterwards shouting joyously to anyone who would listen (again, the really sick people) " I have had my 1st X-ray" clearly a right of passage.

Note to self: must spend more time with daughters on the art of quiet conversation.

And was, I hear you ask, this a valid trip or a desperate plea for attention? Has she got a fracture?

Well kinda...

If she has, which the doctor implied she had, it is very small and only recognisable because of an additional fat deposit and contusion (???). She isn't in plaster, but is medicated with Calpol and Nurofen. She is in a sling, and we do have to go to the fracture clinic on Monday. So yes, it is valid (Thank the Lord. She isn't a total Drama queen...!)

One day I will explain how this all happened... but it is probably best not to right now as I am full of spit and venom.

All I will say is Wacky Warehouses - Children and Beer - in my view, a bad combination.

And finally an apology:

I would just like to say sorry to all the people visiting Solihull A & E between 1pm and just after 3pm - the Taa Daa girl who also may be recognised by her impression of a person with a broken leg was mine, sorry sorry sorry, I hope if you were feeling dreadful she and her older sister did not make it worse ...imparticularly the limping lady they jointly bumped into...again sorry.

Thursday, 13 August 2009


I am preparing for the arrival of my Mother-in-law, from Ireland. She is coming to look after my 6 year old for the last couple of weeks of the holiday. Which is really kind of her.

I really like my Mum-in-law but she sometimes have views that have surprised me, for example:

She visited the herbal remedies shop and asked the shop assistant if Evening Primrose Oil would make you fat!

Breastfeeding, why would you? They don't do that in Ireland.

Put a rusk in the milk, and just make the hole a bit bigger, and do this from birth!

Is your child waking up really early? Just keep them up till you go to go to bed, that will stop them.

There are some other opinions she has which I could tell you, but they may cause an angry mob outside.

Her views used to bother me, when I had just had my first daughter and didn't really know what I was doing. Now I realise that she means no harm by it and is just trying to help, I just occasionally have to bite my tongue. And, miraculously, I have two healthy bright girls who seemed to have survived without taking all of my Mum-in-laws advice. And a Nan who loves them very much.

My husband is in the doghouse though, he is away 'with the lads' for one of the weekends she is here (He does have incredibly valid reasons for this - best friend back form Australia after 9 years away..etc etc)So I may take her for Sunday lunch at my parents.

Maybe my Mum will tell my Mother-in-law her theory on Global Warming - It isn't really real and just something some of the scientist thought of...Apparently?

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Tenuous Links

I was reading rebel mothers blog hen I started thinking about something that happened today, which has a tenuous link to rebel mothers blog.

I was taking some photos of my kids and noticed that there was an opportunity for some pictures of legs (a pet project where in my imagination I see 12 of my photos of legs hanging 12 foot high at the Tate - example above)

I suddenly notice that my lovely hubby was cringing, embarrassed that someone might notice that I am taking photos of strangers legs through his legs, as you do.

It would never occur to me that this might appear odd, but my husband was brought up by an Irish Mother who worried/worries about what everybody thinks...all the time.

By marrying me he rebelled against it (God bless him), but it is still deeply entrenched in him, tucked away for special occasions.

How do I feel about this?
Love him that he married me knowing what I was like (on the whole, I don't really care what people think)
A bit gutted that I embarrassed him (because I do care what he thinks)
But, know that he still loves me, phew!

Tenuous link to Rebel Mother, I do enjoy my stuff, but it does sometimes have consequences - hope that makes sense?

Friday, 7 August 2009

Things that should never happen

Today I ate lunch with my sunglasses on because of my eyes being a tad sensitive after the laser. Inside a resturant. I am ashamed, this is something that should never NEVER happen. And it made me think of all the other things that should never happen or are infact, just wrong...

1, Wearing socks with sandles
2, Having ketchup and gravy together on your plate
3, Wearing red and green together
4, Spitting (anywhere, anytime..just horrible, especially if accompanied by a hacking noise)
5, Touching velvet (this is probably just me)
6, The material on the seats in coaches, ugh, hideous
7, Random humming, whistling or singing, especially when done at work, nobody wants to hear that.
8, Musical snobbery...give it a go, you might like it.
9, Tea, what is all the fuss about?
10,Fatty meat, or the meat of things that we keep as pets - no need to eat that, we have lots of other choices.

However, what I have learned today. There is always an exception to every rule.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

My 3 Best Sunday Moments

Today has been a good day...

Best bits were:

  1. My Mum coming for Sunday dinner and genuinely enjoying the pudding I made (Vanilla Panacotta with blueberry sauce..just in case you were wondering).

  2. Sitting outside with my 2 year old on my lap, just chilling, watching bees collecting pollen on the lavender, whilst she spread her toes as the breeze caught her feet.

  3. Eating the courgettes for dinner that I grew from seed...and they tasted good.

What were your 3 best?

PS - The photo is of Lola (my two year old), having one of her best moments today.

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