Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Face Sweats - Or how can I avoid the Menopause?

I have reached a 'certain age', my body its getting all geared up to having the menopause.

I have face sweats - it is perhaps one of the most horrible disgusting things.There are great droplets of face sweat, my glasses steam up, I can't see.

I do not glow, I do not perspire, I sweat. UGH! My children make this noise 'errrrrr'.

I also feel like I am pre-menstrual most of the time and my brain is functioning at about 75% capacity. That may be just after I have had some wine...

I thought I would read up on the menopause.....OMG.... it is a horror show - don't do it to yourself.

Hair thinning, vaginal atrophy, anxiety, sleep problems, urinary tract 'issues' - dear lord. This can last 3 - 5 years...holy crap!

I am reading all this stuff, and being told this is a normal part of a woman's life and in some cultures it is seen as a sign of women reaching a time of wisdom and respect in their lives. 

Three - Five Years of hideousness!!!!

No, no, no. I am not going to do it. I refuse. Periods where horrible but this sounds much much worse. 

So please could you all send your suggestions of what I am going to do to avoid this completely -  the face sweats are bad enough. Thank you. 

Me and my friends, blissfully unaware of what is ahead of us.




Saturday, 16 July 2016

How do you explain terrorism to your kids?

Every morning, I watch the BBC news and eat my breakfast with my girls. They don't particularly want to watch the news so this encourages them to get ready for school and get going. Which is good.

Every so often a news story grabs them and they are drawn into it, Lola, my 9 year old makes a fart noise every time she hears the name Trump, which is the correct response, and usually there is giggling afterwards.

Heather (13yo) was horrified over Brexit as her school had all voted to remain.

But these terror attacks baffle them. They baffle me,  and the one in Nice really caught their attention as we had been on holiday there last year. Here is how I explained it to them,

'Bad people take advantage of vulnerable people, using religion or whatever motivates that person, to do horrible things. To the vulnerable person they absolutely believe in what they are doing. They think they are doing it for their God or because it is the right thing to do because they have been brainwashed (brief interlude, whilst I explain what brainwashed means) into believing it.'

I then go on to explain that we mustn't show fear to these bad people because if we do they have won.
The only thing we can do is try and help the vulnerable people before the bad people poison their minds with the terrible things they want them to do.

I explained to Heather that her age group were particularly vulnerable, as teenagers can feel very isolated and alone, and people will pray on that, and that it was important for her to talk to me or her friends or teachers if she feels that way.

I don't know if I have explained it well or effectively but I don't want to hide this from them, as I said if we fear it or shy away from it, they have won. In my view if we can educate our children the world may end up in a better place than where it is now.

My thoughts are with the families or all those effected by terror.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Table for One

I recently went to a restaurant alone.

I did this by choice, I wanted some 'me' time.

It was interesting, I walked into the restaurant and the waiter looked behind me for my friends/family. When I said I wanted a table for one he seemed genuinely shocked.

After he gathered himself he led me to a table.

I ordered a drink and mulled on the menu, there was a special offer for two courses and they were two courses that I would really enjoy, but two courses, alone...should I ....Ahhh, sod it, thinks me, two course sounds like a great idea.

Lovely nutty avocado starter followed by a cheesy pizza fiorentina, Nom. I love food.

So I order my two courses, again, slight surprise from the waiter, who seems to feel sorry for me and is just a tad over attentive... In my head I am screaming,

'GO AWAY, I came here for me time, I am quite content, STOP TALKING TO ME. Gah!'

As the meal continues, I watch the people walking by outside. They don't see me, it's lovely I can properly people watch, thinking my own thoughts to myself.

I realise I am taking my time, I am enjoying my alone time, I am enjoying the food, it is delicious.

The waiter continues to lurk.

I decide to order a coffee to finish the meal off.

This gets a raised eyebrow from the waiter, he really can't get this concept of woman alone, eating.

I then begin to wonder, would he be like this with a man? This line of thought makes me cross.

I decide to continue with my coffee and people watching to avoid rage.

Shall I have sugar in my coffee as I am out? Yes, yes I will.

I consider not tipping the waiter due to his possible sexist behaviour but decide this may be unfair as he may treat a lone man the same, or everyone.

Momentarily, I feel bad for the waiter.

After about an hour in the restaurant it is time to go. I do tip the waiter.

Afterwards, I feel refreshed and liberated. I would definitely do it again and would recommend it to you all.

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