Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Gallery - A Favourite Place

I have lots of favourite places, I love living in the city but I was raised in the countryside so feel at home there as well, but ultimately, my favourite place is home.

Working full time means that I am not home enough, ever.

So a Sunday at home, relaxing with my family, spending time with my kids, listening to their ideas and thoughts has to be, not only my favourite place, but my favourite thing ever.

Literally chillin'
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

First one for 2014

I have realised I haven't been around much, and as ever, my blogging is sporadic. So here is a my first blog for 2014. OK, so it's April, no need to judge.

Things have been busy in our house, all of downstairs has been re-plastered and re-painted. The kitchen has been changed around and re-built.

It has been a time for de-cluttering and clearing out old rubbish. I have taken car loads of rubbish (previously treasured possessions I couldn't possibly live with out) to the tip and/or the charity shop. I had a letter of thanks from the local charity shop because of all my contributions. Frightening.

And the house looks lovely, but I am not known for my minimalism, and nature abhors a vacuum. So as hubs puts all the CD's onto the massive hard drive he has and our hundreds of CD's are no longer on display, I am slowly filling up the massive new book case with our remaining stuff.

This is stuff I couldn't possibly do with out, like the reference books that I never read as Google has all the answers, or the books that represent a time in my life, like all the Irving Walshes, or the Gothic literature from my degree, because it is only a matter of time before I need to read Dracula again (Not). Or maybe my daughters may want to read them, because it would be silly of me to think that they will do their reading on their tablets.

Logic is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to our stuff, I am choosing to ignore all of my logic. I like my stuff, it reminds me of things, so there will be no vacuums in my house and the space will continue to be filled with all the bits and bobs that make a home a home. 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hotel Chocolat - Classic Christmas Selection Review

The very lovely people at Hotel Chocolat recently asked me to review one of their Christmas selections - I chose the Sleekster collection.

My friends who I happened to be meeting this weekend were, unsurprisingly more than happy to review* them with me.

We all like the packaging and we loved the look of what we found inside. They looked extremely yummy and very Christmass'y.

So here is what they said about them (they didn't, quite eat all of them ....), word for word;

The serious business of testing chocolates

The white chocolate vanilla bell - Nice depth of vanilla flavour with a good hard snap.
The Christmas mess - A bit bland at first but the base was tasty
The Cranberry cup - Very nice with a lovely tangy cream
50% Milk bauble - Perfect fabulous chocolate
Pistachio praline crunch - No crunch but a good strong taste
Chambord royale - very nice, strong taste of champagne which was very warming, would have liked it better without the white chocolate
Nutmeg and almond praline - we all tried a little bit of this - and our advice is not to eat this one, the combination of flavours just didn't work
Caramel supernova - Bloody marvelous
Rum Punch - this one was left and my husband tried this one - He liked it a lot. (I think mostly the rum)
Marzipan and amaretto truffle - Just nom nom nom.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite manage to review them all as they were like a swarm of locusts and to be frank I think this says it all. There was only the one chocolate that we weren't keen on, but the rest were lovely and would definitely make a great Christmas gift. Two thumbs up. 

*Gobble them up like there is no tomorrow

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Gallery - Feeling Festive

Last Friday we went to see Santa. It was great and even his reindeer were there. This just lifted my daughters excitement levels for when we decorated the house the next day. Christmas, here we come.
You can't beat the look of excitement on your child's face when they are talking to Santa

And even Mrs Santa was there

Not the best picture but you can see the joy at meeting Rudolph.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Renovating - Yes, it's still going on!

So, it is nearly Christmas and is my kitchen done? No. Is the plaster dust gone? Yes, is everything decorated? Yes, is there a fully functioning kitchen? sort of.

So for the last month I have been quite poorly. It started as a cold and ended up as acute bronchitis. This has been no fun at all, as sharing the house with builders whilst you are ill means that you lock yourself in your bedroom and watch stuff on the laptop which is downloadable... for example I'm a Celebrity ...which I have never watched before but now I am totally hooked. #hangsheadinshame. This is my excuse for lack of updates on project...completely redo downstairs.

Anyhoo,  last time I wrote this there had been no painting and the plastering and floor hadn't been finished - so here it is with plaster and the floor down.

With a nice clean floor

With the interlinking floor from stone to wood

And we have had paint on the walls, which is v. exciting

It was a little disappointing that the painter got paint all over the new floor (and I am still waiting for it to be cleaned up) but the floor is down and there is paint on the walls Yay! Please ignore the fridhe in the middle of the room.
And the kitchen now, painted (believe it or not the kitchen is a different colour to the living room - this picture shows the colours perfectly......I know!)

And the new utility 


Since these photo's were taken I have had some of the kitchen cabinets fitted, and since yesterday I have a sink with running water - hot and cold. We have been without taps downstairs for about 3 weeks, both daughters went and tested the taps the minute they got home from school, this is the highlight so far. I also now have some kitchen surface, which we haven't had for months. But, for now this is where we are. I will follow up on this soon, we are nearly there, and who knows, I might be able to get our stuff out of storage in the new year.

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