Saturday, 2 April 2016

10 Things to do when you are ill

I am just getting over a nasty cold and I thought I would share with you, how to remain productive even though you feel like rubbish. I blogged about this before here.

I ended up having a week off work. On days one through to three I was like death warmed up and mostly slept. It was only really on days four and five I started to feel vaguely human again. (Today is day six and I am pleased to say I can now string a sentence together, and my face has stopped hurting - stupid sinuses!)

So here is my list:

  1. Sleep - you will regret it if you don't, it may not seem like a very productive thing to do but actually it is, your body is fighting a little battle and it works best when you are asleep.
  2. Eat lots of fruit - it will help your body do the battle thing I mentioned above.

  3. Turn off the TV - and chill, Enjoy the silence and quiet - Again, it is all about the battle
  4. Make a list - If stuff is rolling about in your head about what you should be doing, write it down. It will help get it out of your head and you can tackle it when you feel better.
  5. Go outside - By day three, I had a bad case of grumpy cabin fever. So I wrapped up warm and had a cup of coffee whilst sitting in my garden (this is weather permitting - do not do this in the bleak mid winter!)
  6. Read a book - Because why wouldn't you?
  7. Watch a film - That makes you feel better - see previous blog, but Practical Magic is a personal favourite.
  8. Do something mundane - I downloaded Windows 10 onto two tablets, dull but productive and involves no brainpower whatsoever.
  9. Think about your next creative project - I have been mulling about vlogging...? 
  10. Have a shower/bath - It will clear out your sinuses and make you feel just that little bit better...and your family will thank you for just being clean.
And that's my list, I am sure there is more, or you could personalise it to suit you, but don't over do it, you are poorly, after all.

Friday, 19 February 2016

An Irish Holiday

I have been a bit lax lately. I haven't blogged since October. That's ages. In blogging terms I have officially gone AWOL and will be long forgotten. 

I only have the usual excuses, work, life, stuff... rubbish.

It's not like this takes long, and as I am on holiday at the moment I thought I would get back to this blogging malarkey, as I really don't have any reason not to.

I am currently in Ireland at my home from home staying with my in-laws, having a lovely time.

I love visiting Ireland, it has a completely different pace of life. My in-laws live on the borders of County Roscommon and County Galway, it is beautiful countryside in the west of Ireland. The wind and the rain can be wild but it just adds to the lush green of the 360 degree views.

One of the things I like best about Ireland is the light. There is so little pollution where we are, so the light seems clearer and I am convinced I get better photo's here.
The sky is massive in Ireland
I think part of the joy of coming to *Ireland, is visiting family, my children have a great time catching up with their Nana, Grandad and Aunty, and of course, the much loved, Rocky the dog (As I type this he has just farted, and I have to admit, I love him a little less right now).
Rocky getting plenty of cuddles
There is no pressure here, each day we get up when we want, we are fed, we snooze, we read, we go for a walk up the road, we look at the fairy ring, we might visit Roscommon town and have a coffee. We have a few drinks of an evening.

Perfect holiday if you ask me. 

*Not  sponsored by the Irish Tourist Board...sniggers...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

13 things I have learnt in 13 years of being a parent.

Being a Mum isn't easy, my eldest is nearly 13 - so I have been doing this job, THE job, for the past 13 years (if you don't count the pregnant bit). Here's some of what I have learnt:

  1. You need to re-define yourself after you have kids, you are no longer, so and so, manager of such and such, who likes a drink and a dance at the weekend. You are a Mum who works (if that is your choice, it was my choice). How do you do that? How do you maintain an element of youness. In my case I got a load of tattoos and work a condensed week so I can have Monday's to myself. Other people may find other, less extreme ways to re-define their youness. 
  2. You have to come to terms with your body, it changes, significantly, and sometimes in your more 'personal' area's. Which is nice (NOT). And you may change how you feel about your body, especially in this ridiculous media and celebrity led world where your body is supposed to be perfect again five minutes after having a baby. 
  3. Babies, children and near teens are all ridiculously demanding, needy, funny and lovable in turns, if you are lucky (and I think I am) you get the last two things more than the first two things.
  4. I thought nappies, and formula milk was expensive, then I thought kids parties (including, presents, party bag and soft play*shudder*)were expensive, now I think my pre-teen is super expensive and I fear for when she gets into brands...the lesson here, is not a new one. Children cost way, way more than you think they will...I need a pay rise before daughter two hits the teens. Ugh.
    Me and my girls
  5. Whatever coolness you may have had as an adult, in your child's eyes disappears, around the time they are 11 and go to secondary school, at which point, they think you are the least cool person in the world, who has no idea of anything! 'Do you even know what You Tube is Mum????' Maybe if I Vlogged this, I would be cooler..hmmm......
  6. You say stuff your parents said, and swore you would never say to your kids. This is FACT. 
  7. Your whole life changes, here are some of the infamously stupid things I said whilst pregnant;
    1. We will have a date night once a month
    2. I will still go clubbing occasionally
    3. I won't need to move anything in the house to make it safe, it's fine 
    4. How on earth do people not have time to read. Ridiculous
    5. How tired can you possibly be?
    6. How hard can this be, women have been giving birth in fields since, like, forever (sorry I briefly turned American)
  8. You will watch an inordinate amount of kids TV. Most of what they like now, is American, which is why my children call rubbish, trash...gah.
  9. You will occasionally fall for big eyed begging, however much you try not to.
  10. Take loads of photo's because they really do grow up so quickly.
  11. You will never have loved as much as you love your children, they come before everybody and everything. They are number one
  12. You would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, not to hear them cry in pain or suffer in any way
  13. You can't help but be proud of every achievement, every success. You burst with joy. Even their first poo.

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